It is with great joy and gratitude that I look back on my last webinar during which I had the pleasure to teach the 1st degree Rainbow Reiki®. What a fantastic opportunity to initiate people into the 1st degree from a distance and watch them trying out the new possibilities of energetic healing for the first time.

Rainbow Reiki® webinars are characterised by intensive online support and training, all participants see and hear each other and of course me during class, can ask questions and are at home in their own comfort zone.

I not only give initiations and explain the numerous applications of Rainbow Reiki®, but I also put a lot of emphasis on spiritual philosophy, on Mikao Usui’s five rules to live by and the maxims of Rainbow Reiki®: personal responsibility – love – consciousness. It is so nourishing to exchange ideas about all this and to explain and discuss these concepts in a clear and above all practical manner.

However, the transition to webinars was not so easy. It was an exciting challenge to acquire the right hardware, to find the right software and to quickly learn the software programmes, both on my side and on the side of the participants.

What has never been an issue for me whatsoever was whether or not to initiate interested people from a distance. For me, that goes without saying. I feel great gratitude for the opportunity to be able to do this.

Unusual circumstances require unusual measures. But before unusual measures can take effect, a change in the direction of thinking is required, which necessitates a change in one’s point of view.

Until recently, I too was only used to face-to-face seminars, to the direct interaction between participants and teacher. When the Corona measures took effect and classroom seminars were out of question for an indefinite period of time, and this is still the case, my biggest worry was that I would not be able to be there, especially for people who would like to learn Rainbow Reiki® in order to activate and strengthen their emotional well-being and self-healing powers during these difficult times, that I would not be able to teach them my method of choice so that they can do something for themselves and their loved ones.

At the same time, discussions accumulated that distant initiations into Reiki are not only not practiced by some practitioners, but many reasons were found to actively and broadly speak out against them.

The new situation demands a reaction, and the reaction requires a decision. Do we really want to hold on to our old worldview, to yesterday, to traditions and values that were successful in the past? Does a so-called rule of the past – not to do distant initiations – count more than the need to help the people of today in this particular situation? What is the point of a line of arguments that leads into the past?

People often speculate that Usui would have done this and said that and probably would not have advocated distant initiations. Well, we can’t ask him anymore. But he has left us something. His life’s work and the five precepts. All five of them begin with „Just today…“ That means to me that my true North is in the here and now, so it’s always about the present moment and not about clinging to a worldview stenosis. The only place where we hold power is here. The only time when we hold power is now.

The fifth rule is „Just today, be kind to other people (beings)“. Kindness and love I would define here as something that leads to unity; by fear I mean something that causes separation. So is it really appropriate that in times of social distancing and no-contact rules we meditatively circle around ourselves, withdraw as Reiki teachers and wait until the conditions outside have adapted to our ancient values and traditions? Or do we want to look „just today“ for ways to practically implement the rules to live by under today’s conditions? To connect with people by the given means and do what we do best for them and with them?

The problems we face now as a society and the problems that are about to come are problems we all share. It is not the time, in my opinion, to engage in pointless battles among Reiki teachers and practices, because time is something I believe we no longer have. „Just today“ we need solutions that work for everybody, for us as a community. The professional training in Rainbow Reiki® over many years on the one hand and the possibility of distant initiation, combined with the use of modern technology on the other, make the very high quality transmission of the power of Reiki to other people possible. And I am sure there are more Reiki teachers of different styles who take this possibility to their heart and put it into practice.

In any case, I am happy for and with my new students that they have more than 100 special healing mantras at their disposal to let Reiki flow specifically into addressed organs or functional systems, that the Medicine Buddha and his mantras stands by them with love and healing when they call upon him and that thanks to the method of Marayana Sayi® they can set up and send a Reiki whole body treatment in a few minutes not only for themselves, but also for their loved ones (people, animals, plants…), 

Marayana Sayi® is a whole body treatment that can be set up in about three minutes, automatically supplies all positions with Reiki simultaneously for 20 minutes and can also be used from a distance, for individuals or whole groups. Isn’t that fantastic? And it is part of the 1st degree!

I look forward to seeing you in my online classroom soon!